«Get Going!» 2018

The four 2018 «Get Going!» contributions go to...

After the successful review of the first public tender this year, the expert jury has decided to support the following musicians for their artistic visions with a "Get Going!" contribution of CHF 25,000 each.

Beat Gysin

The composer seeks collaboration with other composers within the framework of his "Lightweight Construction Series" and creates architectural spaces in which unusual listening situations enable a new perception of music. The jury was impressed "by the dynamic possibilities that can arise in the relationship between space, music and receiver/listener".

Portrait Beat Gysin

Bertrand Denzler

The saxophonist and composer, who in numerous collaborations constantly moves in the field of tension between compositional and improvised music, pursues a larger project in which he works with musicians of different cultures over a longer period of time in an international environment on the basis of a "wandering residence". The jury praised Denzler's approach to open up new spaces for his compositional work via creative exchange with foreign cultures.

Portrait Bertrand Denzler

Michael Künstle

The Basel-based composer of film and concert music pursues a philosophy of the “real” and is committed - instead of the widespread sample instruments – to collaborating with local and national musicians for his movie soundtracks. The jury considers the interest in combining artistic orchestral tradition with modern and innovative compositional and recording methods to create a spatial composition that is accessible as a three-dimensional listening experience to be remarkable.

Portrait Michael Künstle 


Andrina Bollinger and Marena Whitcher are both singers, performers, multi-instrumentalists, producers and composers. The versatility and boundlessness of their artistic inspiration are not only reflected in numerous solo projects, but also together as a duo in the Eclecta project. The jury finds it particularly remarkable that the duo combines their music and performance with other arts to create an interdisciplinary experience.

Portrait Eclecta


by moxi