«Keep Going!»

FONDATION SUISA expands its funding portfolio


With «Keep Going!», effective immediately we are offering an additional temporary funding model which is intended to enable the Swiss music scene to continue its activities in times of crisis. We are convinced that even during periods when cultural activities virtually come to a complete standstill, music makers need to find new ways of still being able to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
This concerns both the development of new musical works («creation») and their publication («distribution»).

The name of the new funding offer says it all: «Keep Going!» meets music makers and organisations exactly where they are currently at and enables them to adapt to the new circumstances if required. «Keep Going!» is here to help them to continue to pursue their activities. 

With «Keep Going!», FONDATION SUISA underlines its top priority, which is to encourage creative ideas and enable them to be implemented – even in times of uncertainty and under challenging circumstances.
«Keep Going!» is an expansion of the subsidies which FONDATION SUISA offers. All other offers remain in place.

«Keep Going!» 2021


As part of the first invitation to apply for a «Keep Going!» grant, 10 times CHF 5,000 will be awarded.

The projects entered will be assessed by a panel of experts. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the decisions.

«Keep Going!» is a funding offer which...

  • is aimed at current musical repertoires with a link to Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein,
  • is accessible to everyone – individuals, groups and organisations,
  • deliberately does not specify what the content must be,
  • nevertheless does not include any emergency assistance or infrastructure-related support.


Application requirements:

  •  You and/or your project have a clear link to the current music-making scene in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein (with the aim of creating and/or distributing a repertoire)

If you meet this criterion, we would be delighted to receive your personal «Keep Going!» application. Send us your information by following the instructions in the application documentation via the link below:


The closing date for applications is 21 April 2021



From 22 April 2021, «Keep Going!» applications can be submitted again. These will be dealt with around the end of May.

This will be followed by further «Keep Going!» rounds at 6-week intervals.


by moxi